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We gather together Ireland's hidden treasures to give a starting point for your food adventure, an experience that you will remember forever!


Who we are

Find Your Food Adventure Ireland is a small team of dedicated food adventurers, that bring together the wealth of tastes and experiences available in Ireland for you to book online.

We’re not a faceless booking engine you might stumble upon. We have experienced Ireland first-hand as culinary travelers and now call it our home. We’re here to guide you, to inspire you, to connect you with the people who share their skills, knowledge and love of taste, land and culture. We are here to give you a starting point as a local or visiting food adventurer by gathering together Ireland’s hidden treasures. We want to offer the chance for you to book your culinary experience online, fast and secure out of the one trusted hand.

Here is the news. We are opening our doors to celebrate the traditions and identity of Ireland. This means we want to make the FYFA (Find Your Food Adventure) platform accessible at an early stage with the opening of this PRE-RELEASE site.

Thank you for taking a moment to see what’s waiting for you. We welcome you to be a part of our community, don’t be a stranger. Whether you need information or simply want to recommend a supplier or food artisan, talk to us and give us feedback any time.

While we are in a pre-release, please keep in mind that our adventures are only samplings to give you an insight into the future FYFA platform. This is just the beginning, we are in the process of gathering together the great food adventures of Ireland.

Coming Soon

The Find Your Food Adventure Ireland Online Booking Platform

How we work

Find Your Food Adventure is an online booking platform for you to engage with the most amazing Food Adventures and gift ideas in Ireland. On the final platform you will be able to book fast and secure directly on our website out of the one trusted hand.

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