Melanie and me (Alex) started up in 2015, and we have been on an epic ride ever since.

After I was diagnosed with food intolerances years ago, I delved deep into the details of our food system. Combined with my environmental studies (B. Eng.), there was one issue I couldn’t get out of my head: The impact of the processed food industry on our bodies and environment. And then on top of all of that, the loss of traditional local food and cuisine.

I love eating out and being inspired by chefs that turn those gifts of nature into delicious dishes. I found it hard to believe that it would not be possible for me to sit down with my friends and family together at one table because we had different food needs.

Together we came to a simple conclusion: We choose not to accept! This became the philosophy for our mission when we decided to set up our Site to connect people with artisan producers, passionate chefs, restaurants and great places that were once almost hidden away, making it possible for family and friends to sit at one table, creating wonderful moments.

The creation of our first Alternative City Food Guide and our associated Sustainable Food and Travel Blog in 2015, has been a result of our life-long passion for food and the hyperlocal essence of a place, celebrating tradition and identity.

From our beginnings, to this day and the developing of Find Your Food Adventure Ireland, we’ve stayed true to our core beliefs to spread awareness about food and to deliver an authentic and exceptional experience for the community.

 Watch our beginnings, when we started our journey in 2015. Enjoy!