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FYFA Ireland is a free to use platform with no hidden costs. Commission is on successful bookings only. Connect with us and the Supplier Community and have access to a wealth of unique features that can open up new opportunities for your business.

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We provide you with tools and features for a wide range of your needs and give you a platform to reach more customers and to ensure more bookings. It begins with free marketing, free translation service and a facility to distribute your food adventures online. But that is by far not all, see what else FYFA Ireland will do for your business.

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We promote your products and  provide you with free exposure, free advertising and free marketing. We work hard to get you recognized and your products booked, because we only make money when you receive new bookings.

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We give you and our customers complete support to make the promotion and booking process a success. A personal account manager and help from the dedicated and bilingual customer service team is just the beginning. We help you to increase efficiency which gives you time to focus on your core business.

How We Work

Find Your Food Adventure Ireland is an online booking platform for customers to engage with Food Adventures and gift ideas for themselves, others or their team and colleagues. Customers are able to choose Food Adventures out of an eclectic collection of handpicked culinary experiences. The Food Adventures can be found by categories, occasions or destinations. Customers can book fast and secure directly on our website using the “book now” option.

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Who Can Join

Everybody is welcome who wants to change the future of food by sharing their skills and knowledge through classes, tours, demonstrations, tastings or walks. There is no limit to the connections that people can make with the land and food culture of Ireland through Food Adventures.

If you are a sincere supplier who wants to deliver tasty and authentic experiences to food adventurers that are looking for a real connection with the people and a sense of place – FYFA Ireland is the right thing for you!

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Fishers, Food Artisans, Farmers, Chefs, Producers, Brewers, Foragers, Distillers, Chocolatiers and many more

We invite you to join our supplier network and to dive into the spirit of culinary collaboration, which expands across our breadth of food adventure categories including Farm Visits, Seafood Adventures, Distillery and Brewery Tours, Producer Visits, Food Festivals, Dining Experiences and Tastings to begin with. This is by far not all, whatever your experience we work with you to curate a range of amazing and unique food adventures.

All with the aim to connect, share and grow. Gaining new customers, developing a greater understanding of the spirit of Irish food for visitors and providing locals with a way to get in tune with the food culture that surrounds them.

Sustainable Food Tourism
We support the heritage and tradition of artisan food produce and the conservation of the variety of local tastes in Ireland. FYFA Ireland promotes the hyper-local essence of a place. We believe in building cultural and environmental awareness and appreciation for food, nature, local society and culture.
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Our expertise and marketplace provides our customers with unique food adventures and our supplier community with easy solutions to gain new customers.

Come and see what we can do for you.

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Sign up for free and let us do the work. We give you a food experience-specialized platform to reach more customers and to ensure more bookings. FYFA provides tools and features for your needs including free exposure, free translation service (bilingual), free marketing, free promotion and advertising, an all-round support and a facility to process payments online.

Free to Use

You only pay for success. There are no hidden costs, it’s as simple as that. We work hard to get your products sold. The commission is only deducted from successful bookings made through the FYFA Ireland platform. As a FYFA Ireland supplier you are entitled to tools and features, from marketing, translations to all-round support, which are all entirely free of charge.

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We give you a platform to increase your online visibility. We promote your products and provide you with free exposure, free advertising and free marketing. Your content will be optimized to increase your search results. We take care of content marketing and social media as well as advertising. Our ambition is to help to develop your business to its fullest potential.

Free Bilingual

Given the people at FYFA’s years of practical experience and knowledge of the German market, we provide you with the necessary exposure to market your products to the biggest source market for Ireland in mainland Europe and the third largest globally. FYFA takes care of translating your products with their bilingual team to expand your customer base. The free translation service is part of the features for our FYFA suppliers.

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We help you to advertise your products in an engaging and personal way through a professional online portfolio. We’ll take on customers questions, payments and more.

Customer & Supplier

FYFA Ireland gives you and our customers complete support to make the promotion and booking process a success.

Supplier support includes a personal account manager who is ready to assist with your account and any questions.

Our dedicated bilingual customer support helps the customers with all their questions and needs. We provide a point of contact for customers and take care of all sales and booking queries, which gives you the time to do the things you need to do.

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